‘Technology and Young Plant Production’ presented by Walters Gardens Staff

“Technology and Young Plant Production” with Walters Gardens Staff
Tuesday, December 18, 2018 (note new date)

at Walters Gardens 
1992 96th Ave., Zeeland, MI 49464
Lunch Provided by Walters Gardens

Walters Gardens staff will be presenting a talk about some of the things they do to ensure their customers receive the very best liners, as well as to ensure their company runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.They will be highlighting ideas they’ve developed that might transfer to members businesses.

More specific highlights of the presentation and tour:

  • Brand new technologies in our now-year old acclimation range such as dry fog humidity control and water booms with juhl light sensors.
  • MSU studies on nematodes and weed control in the bare root fields
  • New versions of climate and water control
  • Advanced diggers in the bare root fields and how they build them
  • Drones for scouting in the bare root fields and possibly soon the greenhouse
  • Lean flow production practices especially marketplace order picking and bar code record keeping
  • Optional tour of the Walters Gardens facility
  • Bio pesticides and fungicides used in our facility;

Reserve your place by Friday, December 14th. RSVP: wmnla2013@gmail.com

or text/call 616-402-4885.

Note: new date, Tuesday, December 18th.

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